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ABOUT Bhav...


I first started playing the drums at the age of 19. After going to my first ever gig, to see the band Less than Jake, it was the sound of the drums that really blew me away, and that kicked off my enthusiasm and passion for wanting to know about everything drum-related! 


I brought my first kit off a friend and after a couple of months learning how to play by myself, I soon realised I needed some guidance in the form of drum lessons to help me progress in the right direction. After two years of private lessons, my love for drumming was growing and I signed up to a one-year Diploma in Popular Music Performance at the highly renowned Drumtech.  I learnt the correct techniques and theory of drumming, as well as learning how to play with other musicians. 


In 2006, I joined my first band Monster Fight. We played on the London circuit, in venues such as the Metro Bar, Bull and Gate, Purple Turtle etc. We also had one of our songs played and featured on Total Rock Radio.  

I left the band around 2010 and have played in various genre bands since, gaining a lot of valuable experience as a drummer and musician. In 2012, I was one of the lucky people to be selected to perform as a volunteer drummer at the opening and closing Olympic Ceremonies, this was a once-in-a-lifetime, amazing experience!

Drumming is my passion, and I am equally passionate about bringing music into the lives of my students.

My students get nothing but the best drum lessons,which help them achieve their dreams as a drummer and musician.


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